10th cee

10th CEE Forum - full program.

Constitutional Identity and Social Memories in Central and Eastern Europe. Timisoara, 3-4 May 2018.

The aim of this year’s anniversary Forum is to discuss the topic of constitutional identity in Central and Eastern European countries, in general, and in relation to the concept of “social memory” in particular. How do CEE countries construct their present-day constitutional consciousness with reference to social memories of actually existing socialism? Can we talk about a regional, supranational CEE identity (as opposed to a Western or Eastern European one)? But what does separate CEE countries from each other in terms of constitutional identity? At a time when the rhetoric of constitutional identity, national identity and collective memories is used to justify “illiberal” attitudes, we seek to understand the role that various actors and institutions play in shaping the constitutional order. Therefore, we invited the papers dealing with the topic of “Constitutional Identity and Social Memory in Central and Eastern Europe” especially from a legal, political, social or philosophical perspective.